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The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS)

Nov 15, 2022

On this episode, we talk with Max Simonovsky, Founder & CEO of Soapy.

Max founded Soapy after an interaction with his young child regarding handwashing. It got him thinking about how environmental triggers and our perceptions of them can impact our behaviors. He followed that thread, and it became Soapy.

Soapy's hand-washing technology educates, validates, and modifies behavior. In the field, Soapy technology has been used to increase hand-wash adherence by up to 98%. Adherence paired with proper technique, which Soapy also teaches, has a chance to significantly reduce hospital-associated infections (HAIs).

It's education, but it's fun and high-tech, and that’s much easier to put in front of a highly intelligent audience than current techniques like asking them to sing happy birthday twice.

Soapy is part of the TIPS Science to Market program. Over the years TIPS has worked with soapy on establishing its science and market entry.

The Science to Market program is core to the TIPS mission statement, as TIPS exists to advance technologies, programs, and ideas that make a difference in global health.

At TIPS we believe that we shouldn’t have to wait years for promising innovations to be vetted and accepted. The TIPS Science to Market program provides the ability to communicate the science and successes and make a difference.

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