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The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS)

Jun 25, 2022

Daniel Pollock retired from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2021 after a 37-year career during which he worked as a medical epidemiologist in the agency's infectious diseases, informatics, injury prevention, and environmental health programs. 

From 2004 - 2021, Dr. Pollock led the CDC unit...

May 20, 2022

We all know the story of Sir Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery of penicillin. Similarly, the X-Ray, Insulin, and many more medical and scientific breakthroughs can be traced back to “happy accidents”. Each time the scientist attempted to do something else, found an odd thread and pulled it. Had they...

Mar 4, 2022

Dr. Mark Hernandez is a registered professional civil engineer and an expert on the characterization and control of bioaerosols indoors and out.  He runs a research lab that assesses the efficacy of new disinfection practices for the military, industrial hygiene, and sanitary engineering sectors. He’s the lead...

Dec 22, 2021

Jon Adkins is Senior Vice President at ISSA - The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

We discuss:

- The mechanics of hosting a large tradeshow during a pandemic.

- Leaning on the GBAC STAR accreditation program to help them pull it off – The Las Vegas Convention Center and cleaning service contractor, United...

Dec 21, 2021

Rachel Olsavicky is Regional Marketing Manager, Commercial & Public Interest at Essity

Tom Bergin is Healthcare Marketing Director at Essity Professional Hygiene.

Nancy Farrell is Senior Product Manager for the Tork Vision Cleaning Service.


We discuss: