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The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS)

Aug 16, 2023

On this episode, we talk with Michael Justason from McMaster University and the LightBoard Depot about online communication. Specifically, we talk about how to do it better.

Michael has been teaching in person and online for years and he’s learned some tricks that he says, in some ways, have made him more effective online than in person.

Now this was a surprise even to him, and he’s going to explain.

Overall, our goal is to share with you these tricks, plus some tools, that Michael has found along the way. We’ll cover a few basic things you can do with lighting, sound, positioning, etc. that will apply to anyone that spends any time communicating online. That’s pretty much all of us these days. 

Then, we’ll show you the LightBoard. This is a tool that allows Michael to interact with his content in new and interesting ways that his students call “next level”.

Some of this is a bit more sophisticated, but not as hard or as expensive as you may think. And it can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your online communications. This is where those of you who do corporate training and education are going to want to listen up.

NOTE: This is typically an audio podcast. But today’s topic calls for something a bit different. Head over to DeepDive.Tips, pull up this episode and there you can find the full interview on video. That’s not necessary for the entire conversation, but it will help tremendously in a few sections of the interview. The first of which (a quick demo of the LightBoard) starts at 10m and 30s.


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