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The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS)

Nov 9, 2023

The cleaning industry has long been focused on the concept of contact time. But what happens between cleanings? This question grows increasingly pertinent as we navigate both labor shortages and heightened expectations of cleanliness and safety from customers, guests, and patients.

A potential part of the solution lies in long-lasting disinfection technology.

In this episode, we talk with Jay Denktash and Amit Sehgal from Solvay about the science underpinning long-lasting surface disinfection.

This concept isn't new. Scientists have been exploring it since the late 1990s, achieving some success. The industry has managed to produce long-lasting disinfectants, but their user experience often left much to be desired. They might emit a strong odor, leave a sticky residue, or simply be difficult to use.

When Solvay took on this challenge, they placed a high priority on aesthetics. To truly succeed, they needed to create a product that was both effective and appealing to end-users.

Jay and Amit recount how Solvay harnessed its extensive range of over 2,000 surfactants and polymers, applying its vast expertise to overcome usability issues and develop the innovative Actizone® technology.

The task of creating a product that both cleans effectively and lasts a long time is monumental, and the science behind it is FASCINATING. Jay and Amit break it down in an easily understandable manner. I'm confident you’ll find it as enlightening as I did.

We also delve into how Solvay fostered an internal startup culture to nurture this innovation and discuss the challenges they faced in introducing such a novel product to the market – a process supported by the TIPS Science to Market program.


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